About the Foundation

When most people would be under the covers in the fetal position, after her mother’s unfathomable murder in Flint, MI, on the morning of August 10, 2015, Rita Langworthy’s daughter, Lin Randolph, longtime resident of New York, NY, was looking to make a difference. While Lin is still fighting to bring those responsible to justice, she has also turned her energies towards humanity – exactly what her mother, Rita, taught her and would have wanted.

The Rita Langworthy Foundation provides funds to local and national nonprofit organizations that directly help at-risk children by providing food, clothing, shelter, medical assistance and educational opportunities, as well as awarding mini grants to educators, schools and libraries, who serve at-risk students.

The Rita Langworthy Foundation, Inc. is committed to ensuring Rita’s legacy doesn’t end in an unspeakably violent tragedy by continuing her mission to aid and enrich young lives. Rita’s light will continue to shine in the darkness and offer hope when it is needed most.