Host An Event FAQs

What is a fundraiser?

A fundraiser is a planned event that raises money for a good cause. It can be as small and simple as a bake sale or as upscale as a gala. The main goal of a fundraiser for The Rita Langworthy Foundation is to raise money in support of helping at-risk children change the trajectory of their lives.

Who can plan a fundraiser?

Anyone! People from all ages and backgrounds all over the world can hold a successful event.

Is there an age limit for who can plan and hold a fundraiser?

No. The Rita Langworthy Foundation has received money raised by people of all ages, including children. We strongly suggest adult supervision of children’s fundraisers.

What kind of event can I host?

One great aspect about fundraisers is that you can be creative. The possibilities are virtually endless! Check out our ideas page for inspiration. Have a new idea? Tell us about it!

How much money does my event have to raise?

We accept donations of all sizes (from $5.00 to $100,000 and more!) and appreciate every penny that is raised. No amount is too big or too small!

How much does it cost to hold an event?

The Rita Langworthy Foundation does not charge a fee to hold a fundraiser on our behalf. A fundraiser can be completely free to host, depending on what type of event you choose. Fundraising events such as babysitting, time and talent auctions, and yard sales don’t cost anything. Events like lemonade stands and car washes require certain supplies, but you can use items you already have at home or ask local businesses to donate items.

Will The Rita Langworthy Foundation give me money to buy supplies for my event?

The Rita Langworthy Foundation does not provide funding for any fundraising events.

How do I get the Fundraiser Toolkit?

The Rita Langworthy Foundation will email you a toolkit upon receipt of your agreement form and approval of your event.

How can The Rita Langworthy Foundation help promote my event?

The Foundation will market your event via social media venues, which include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and events calendar on our website. Depending on the fundraiser, we may choose to highlight your event on our homepage News section, in a blog post or on our Host a Fundraiser introduction page.

Should I send The Rita Langworthy Foundation pictures of my event?

Yes! We love to include pictures on our website and in blog posts whenever possible. We request that the photographs meet the following qualifications: .JPEG format and emailed to us. You should let event participants know that event photographs will be sent to The Rita Langworthy Foundation for inclusion in promotional materials or on our website. Give them the option of not having their picture taken.

Why do I have to fill out an agreement form?

Any event affiliated with The Rita Langworthy Foundation should support our mission of carrying on the legacy of Rita Langworthy, who sacrificed all to help at-risk children change their life trajectory. The agreement allows Foundation directors to ensure that the proposed event upholds the beliefs and reputation of The Foundation.

What is the money I raise going toward?

The proceeds you raise allow us provide funds to local and national nonprofit organizations that directly help at-risk children by providing food, clothing, shelter, medical assistance and educational opportunities; with the additional goals of offering mini grants to educators who serve at-risk students and scholarships to poverty level/low-income students ranging in age from kindergarten through college

To whom should donors make their checks?

Checks should be made payable to The Rita Langworthy Foundation.

My event is over. What do I do with the money I raised?

If you collected cash:
We do not recommend sending cash through the mail. Instead, you may purchase a cashier’s check from a local bank or a money order from a local store and send it to The Rita Langworthy Foundation. You can also deposit the cash into your checking account and write us a check for that amount.

If you collected checks:
Put them in a well-sealed envelope and mail them to The Rita Langworthy Foundation, referencing the name of your event in an enclosed note or check memo lines. This will allow the Foundation to properly acknowledge your generous support. Checks must be made out to The Rita Langworthy Foundation in order to be processed.

Checks and/or money orders can be sent to:
The Rita Langworthy Foundation
45 Thayer Street
Suite 3i
New York, NY 10040-1287

Be sure to include a note with your donation that includes your name, address, phone number and email address in case we need to contact you with any questions about the event or donation.

Is the money my event raises tax-deductible?

Yes. However, The Rita Langworthy Foundation can only send a tax-deductible receipt to donors who make payment directly to the Foundation and not through a third party. Individuals who write checks to the Foundation will receive a letter with IRS tax information from the Foundation acknowledging their gift. If you send one check that consists of multiple donations, please send us completed Donor Information Forms, which are included in the Fundraiser Toolkit. While we are unable to provide a tax-deductible receipt to these donors, we can still send them an acknowledgement letter thanking them for their gift.

I still have questions. Who can I talk to?

Please email or call us at (929) 344-1801.