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School Scholarships Provided to Children Under Rita’s Care
Carrying on the legacy of Rita Langworthy, who sacrificed all to help at-risk children change their life trajectory.

FLINT, MICHIGAN: As the first anniversary of Rita Langworthy’s tragic death approaches, a bright light still shines from her very special soul. In the early morning hours of August 10, 2015 a gunman approached the home where Rita had been caring for eight children and senselessly took her life and the life of a fifteen month old child.

Out of tragedy, Rita Langworthy’s daughter, Lin Randolph was looking to make a difference. While Lin is still fighting to bring those responsible to justice, she has also turned her energies towards humanity – exactly what her mother, Rita, taught her and would have wanted.

The Rita Langworthy Foundation was officially incorporated on September 1, 2015. This past June, the Board of Directors unanimously voted to provide education scholarships to all of the six school aged children who had been under her care at the time of her death. The children had been attending a private school at Rita’s expense the previous year and were graciously bestowed free tuition this past school year. Rita provided a wonderful foundation of faith and education to these children. and always impressed upon them the importance of a good education and working hard. The Rita Langworthy Foundation wishes to continue Rita’s good work and legacy of compassion and love by providing another school year of stability, structure, and accountability to these children. This school setting allows the children familiarity and continued support, so they do not slip through the cracks. We know this is exactly what Rita would have wanted.

“Rita Langworthy lived in a neighborhood where boards and bars cover windows, grass grows through sidewalks and trash litters streets. She believed it was her duty from God, her purpose in life, to change children’s lives in Flint. That mission died with the 70-year-old woman and a 1-year-old boy…when someone walked up to the house…and fired shots through a window, killing both. Seven other children in the home were uninjured. None of the children were related to Langworthy…” –Molly Young, reporter,
The Flint Journal, 8/20/2015

“It wasn’t a drive-by shooting. Evidence shows someone walked up to the home and fired the fatal shots.” –Flint Police Captain Collin Birnie, 8/12/2015

“From the outside, we look at her life and say she sacrificed. To her, she wasn’t sacrificing. This was her job on Earth – this is why she was put here: to do this. She has always done everything in her power to help a child in need.” –Lin Randolph, 8/12/2015

“I am but a servant who has been given a ‘talent’ – a unique gift – for which I am responsible.” –Rita Langworthy, 11/20/2011
About The Rita Langworthy Foundation, Inc.: The Rita Langworthy Foundation provides funds to local and national nonprofit organizations that directly help at-risk children by providing food, clothing, shelter, medical assistance and educational opportunities; with the additional goals of offering mini grants to educators who serve at- risk students and scholarships to poverty level/low-income students ranging in age from kindergarten through college.



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