A Year Ago…

12369196_10153212323682477_4875957344942133597_nA year ago, I would have driven past the poor guy in his car stuck on the corner because I had to get my wife’s giant-sized coffee (with caramel) home from 7-Eleven. Instead, I stopped and tried to push him out. I failed, but I did succeed in breaking the spoiler off his car.

A year ago, I would have just finished shoveling my own driveway and gotten my freezing self back inside and let my neighbor’s tenants struggle with his driveway by themselves. Instead, I got to meet Carlos and Sandra and cut their work in half (because my neighbor – who lives in the same house – is apparently a terrible landlord). Sandra doesn’t speak English. Other than “thank you.” Her smile said plenty.

This is how Rita affected my life.

– Scott McIntyre

I Never Knew…

imageI never knew someone could be so compassionate.

I never knew children are moved from place to place during the night.

I never knew if a man walks to work every day don’t give him money, buy him a car.

I never knew it would be necessary to hold a purse so she would not give away all.

I never knew selfless love.

I never knew bacon could stand up straight.

I never knew anyone like Rita.

Thank you Rita for opening my eyes.

– Gail Weeks

She made me laugh.

RitascardI received a note from Rita Langworthy a couple of years ago (I never had the opportunity to meet her in person). She addressed the note to “Susan – friend – of – Lin”, just like that – one word. So that made me smile right off the bat (since I have never met Lin either). The note was amusing and taught me the right way to communicate with a “stranger”, although by the time I finished reading the note I was laughing and felt nothing like a stranger. I still have that card and I think of it often. I feel like I knew a little bit of her just from that one note.

– Susan Ward

The Board

Rita’s tragedy lead to this Foundation. Rita’s daughter asked my wife and then I to join the Board of Directors for the Foundation. I am honored and humbled to be a member of the NYC Event Committee for the Foundation to raise money for children at risk.

– Pamela McClellan-Wright