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#purpleforrita love was everywhere!

Hashtag #purpleforrita

We often bemoan social media because at its worst, it is a breeding ground for gossip, rumor mongering and hate. But at its best, put into the hands of those who wish to send positivity into the ether hoping to light a spark within others, it can start a fire that warms the hearts and nourishes the spirits of countless others. The first annual #purpleforrita day did just that.

Rita, my mum, should have been here, surrounded by friends and family, to celebrate her 71st birthday on Monday, December 7, 2015. While our hearts were heavy with great sadness, we once again refused to allow our grief to snuff out her light.

And while the early morning hours were stained with tears, the tributes to Rita were so numerous that the heavy, grey clouds were forced out of the sky and #purpleforrita shone everywhere. For one day, folks all over the world made it a day of celebration, joy and love.  We turned Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, purple and it was marvelous.

There were candles and cake!



People who, like Rita, typically avoid being in photos TOOK SELFIES!



Even Rita’s fur-riends spread the love! 







And there were butterflies.



Of course, as someone noted, “Rita would wonder what all the fuss was about, but smile at the thought of being loved so much.” We, on the other hand, all know what the fuss is about and will continue to make a fuss. So take that mum!


Lin Randolph