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“Looking ahead” from our President

Dear Friends,

I am Rita Langworthy’s daughter – her only child.

Six months ago, had you asked me who or what I was, my answer would have been much different. But today, there is no other answer. I am Rita Langworthy’s daughter. No other answer fully encompasses who I am. However, those five powerful words most certainly do, and it is an answer that bears great responsibility.

It is my honor and privilege to be the acting first President of this organization and I am most grateful to my fellow Board of Directors as we stand together, having accepted the incredible opportunity to make a positive impact on children, which Rita provided.

During the inception of The Rita Langworthy Foundation, someone said I had “lofty goals.” They did not know me well, but have quickly come to witness that just as Rita was, I am a woman of action. Rita laid the foundation of this organization simply by living every day of her life as a selfless example of love and true generosity. It is our job to nurture and grow the seeds she planted.

Very few companies can offer promises of guaranteed success. In fact, I can’t think of a single financial wizard who wouldn’t scoff at such a claim. However, failure cannot exist within this organization. We have built a solid business structure with conservative annual anticipated growth; and whether we disperse only the designated minimum grantee award or we far exceed those giving goals each year, this Foundation has been designed for success.

This is just the beginning. The Rita Langworthy Foundation is on a path to become a powerhouse of giving. This new year brings with it incredible opportunity for us to grow together and spread “The Rita Effect” far and wide. Here are just a few of the highlights of the year ahead:

Every child, no matter the circumstances into which they are born, deserves a chance to not just survive, but to flourish. Rita’s bright smile and joyful laugh will live on in every child we are able to help. Her indelible spirit and soul cannot ever be stolen from the world.

With love and hope for a bright future,
Lin Randolph
The Rita Langworthy Foundation

Rita Langworthy Foundation